Download scientific diagram | Moulton’s Hydragas suspension system [21] from publication: Recent developments in passive interconnected vehicle suspension . Find great deals on eBay for mgf hydragas suspension. Shop with confidence. Hydragas suspension (Moulton-Dunlop) the conical piston and the tapered displacer chamber skirt as the suspension deflects up and down when the wheels.

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Part of the Automobile series. In an interconnected, or “equalising” suspension, the front and rear wheels on each of the driver and passenger sides are interconnected, forming two independent systems wherein an input at one wheel will cause a force to be generated at the other. Issigonis was determined that he should have interconnected fluid and rubber susepnsion on his Alvis.

This page was last edited on 30 Octoberat Before we start work we thoroughly check the unit s for fluid leaks, we then drill into the gas chamber to release hydraggas left of the old gas and provide the means of entry for the new gas.

A stiffness matrix was generated that included terms due to individual unit and interconnection effects. In Alex Moulton founded the Moulton Bicycle company to build his innovative design for small wheel bicycles. The variable-area pistons stabilize the pitch oscillations. It was first introduced in in the Austin Allegro and was later fitted to the Princess and its successor, the Austin Ambassador. These are naturally stiff. Electric motor Hybrid vehicle drivetrain Electric generator Alternator.

After servicing the spares market for some years a buyer was found and the production line was sold. Hydrolastic is a type of space-efficient automotive suspension system used in many cars produced by British Motor Corporation BMC and its successor companies. The only “give” in the suspension occurs because of the inherent flexibility of the rubber springs.

Bernd Pischetsrieder, with whom I had had encouraging discussions left suspeension the decision was taken that the new Mini should be wholly conventional in its suspension. The stiffness, or resistance of the system to such wheel motions, is clearly lower than it would be were the interconnection removed. Reducing the differential between front and rear forces on the car body induces more of a bounce mode of vibration than a pitching mode. His conclusion was basically that he would not want to drive it on anything other than dead-smooth tarmac.

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Cars using the Hydrolastic suspension system: With the original Mini, we set out to prevent any accidents by having excellent handling, not by cushioning people from the consequences of their own folly The old Mini was the absolute apogee of this philosophy of built-in safety via the handling —people avoided accidents by driving around them. Interconnection has striven to transmit some the upward vertical motion of the front wheel into a downward force exerted by the sprung mass on the rear wheel, through the rear suspension.



We never thought about racing during the design phase; we were suspensoon about safety, particularly when the car was overloaded with lots of students aboard or such like. Society of Automotive Engineers. This meant that, when the car cornered or went over a bump the suspension stiffened up as it was deflected.

These are, in essence, miniaturised versions of the displacers used on Hydrolastic-equipped cars being a rubber cone spring with an internal fluid chamber to provide damping. It had been driven over miles on the pave at MIRA, an unimaginably tough test that the standard car would not have been able to withstand.

I suggest that these cars will have the Issigonis layout of transverse engine and front wheel drive. After the wheel motion of Figure 2a occurs and pressure stabilizes in the system, the larger area of the front piston causes a higher downward force on the front wheel than does the fluid pressure acting on the smaller piston area of the rear unit. Council of the I Mech. Simultaneous upward front wheel and downward rear wheel motion not only positively displaces but also draws fluid from the front to the rear unit.

Hydrolastic – Wikipedia

If we do find a defective unit fortunately this doesn’t happen very often we contact the customer straight away and give them the opportunity to send jydragas another unit, if we encounter a defective unit there is no charge for that particular unit. No flow occurs from one unit to the other, with flow occurring only between the upper hyydragas lower chambers of individual units through the damper valves. Lord was determined to make a range of new and innovative cars, and he plucked Alec Issigonis back from Alvis to design them.

This gave the car a rising and falling motion rather than the sudden pitching of the rubber cone system. Upward vertical movement of the tapered aluminium piston increases the area of the diaphragm against which fluid pressure acts, and uydragas versa. Cars with Hydrolastic suspension do, however, have a marked tendency to squat under acceleration, and to dive under braking and for the rear end to sag under heavy loads.

The Hydragas yydragas used in the present research project were from the new Rover MGF sports car, and featured a smaller-volume gas chamber and a damper valve of different construction. Contact Ian and Dawn on: Hydagas pressure differential between ssuspension upper and lower chambers compresses either the bump or rebound compression block, hyrragas fluid flow as a function of pressure difference. He gave us some insights into the development of the Car of the 20th Century – and his opinion on the BMW Mini of the 21st century After the Second World War I was determined to move my family firm — Spencer-Moulton based at Bradford on Avon — from the manufacture of rubber suspension for railway coaches, and into automotive suspension.


The system replaces the separate springs and dampers of a conventional suspension system with integrated, space efficient, fluid filled displacer units which are interconnected between the front and rear wheels on each side of the vehicle.

In roll, there is no transference of fluid from the displacers, and hence its internal pressure rises.

Hydragas Suspension Info

Interconnecting front and rear suspension units with fluid in pipes meant that the pitch mode was separated from bounce and roll. The design of the displacer units, and the way in which they are mounted means that as the suspension is compressed, the roughly spherical displacer deforms, and hence presents a larger area to the mounting plates. Cars using the Hydragas suspension system: The crash protection has been taken too far.

Hydrabas and Future — Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He was given a free hand to do what he liked, more or less.

Each unit contains both a gas spring and a damper spring Figure 1 – Hydragas Suspension Unit Cutaway [2] A butyl rubber separator, in concert with metal sealing rings and overlapping case pressings, seals the nitrogen gas from the fluid. English language Original Source http: The second model used bilinear spring and damping constants, and was accurate for predicting force at both the front and rear units for frequencies from 1 to 10 Hz. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Remember, at this time Ford’s state of the art small car was the angular Anglia; Ford’s answer to the Suspensioh Minor and only 11 years late.

Without this rising rate there would be no effective pitch resistance at all.

Invented by British automotive engineer Alex MoultonHydragas is an evolution of the previous Hydrolastic system.