Pour holy water on any of them.”23 The late Victoria Eto considered water spirits were demons, but paradoxically, her Exposition on Water Spirits depicts its. Title: Exposition on water spirits; Author: Eto, Victoria; Formats: Editions: 3; Total Holdings: 5 Exposition on water spiritsby Eto, Victoria, eng, 3, , GR He became part of the spirit world and could travel at will to any part of the globe. Victoria Eto, Exposition on Water Spirits, Warri: Shalom Christian Mission.

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The Babylonian captivity was all due to the sin of idolatry.

Books by Victoria Eto

I then changed to a woman and went to him, and by words an actions tried to entice him, but he was adamant. The brethren never saw what was happening spiritually. If you are not yet saved, that means if according to the Word of God you have not accepted the Lord Victofia Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior yet, following by water baptism by immersion, we encourage you to do so without delay.

Through names given to individuals. The evil spirits like weeds are free to grow again and to regain the upper hand. It brings a curse.

While interviewing her, the spirits in her were provoked and began manifesting, and then told us she was their agent in the church.

What he does is dxposition attract and make you come to him willingly. This book would not be complete if the different methods of operation of these powers are not exposed. She told me how much she loved and cared for me and encouraged me not to be afraid and promised to explain things to me later.


Drowning Water Spirits: A Spiritual Warfare Intensive

On reaching there they said: No spirit was removed from me, so I went out the same way as when I came in. The man with the dagger used it on my back but it never penetrated rather it sounded like using a rod on someone. Then two hands came out of the moon, held my head, shook me and my physical body pulled off, like pulling off a dress. I decided not to worry since I knew the relationship would not develop more than that.

Oj parents were shocked kn after some discussions with her, agreed on the condition that they would further my education. You can easily identify Satan’s agents with the following: That, you can testify from this testimony. I was already a captive and had no choice. What she told us was the following: The will wafer obey is the greatest force of a new born Christian, while the will to disobey is the most destroying force of the sinner.

Love, Margaret, Emmanuel and Chinyere.

No one is so fierce that they will dare stir him up. It applies equally to our individual lives spitits families. Before I knew what was happening, I was not only chewing the meat but also licking the blood. Some Christians while praying would say: Indeed, God is Love!

The Water Spirit Kingdom

In NKJV Rahab is translated by the word proud but a reference or margin is given explaining that the proud is translated from the Hebrew word Rahab.


Waging War with Knowledge, Daniel Onyechi. I suffered greatly in their hands. The Spirit of God came on me and I started preaching. With this, she would join us willingly. Steal kill and destroy Jn.

Confession of faith in the Word, in Christ and in God the Father. Alice pressed a button on the wall and a seat came out from the ground and I sat. Kings and traders have gained riches by the wisdom given them by water spirits Ezek. As a result, eot girls were killed for their failure. Dear reader, can you imagine, a 20 year old girl doing all these things?

I obeyed and quietly knelt down. From the foregoing chapters, it is evident that the water-spirit kingdom is a very important arm of the kingdom of darkness of Satan and is an enemy kingdom.

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive Matthew After this first act, the powers in me started manifesting themselves.

He also must agree to be our member. He shouted at the man and warned him never to mention that name in any of our meetings if he loves his life.