Rod Smith: is a writer and teacher. He was born in Oxford, England, but now he lives in Seville southern Spain with his wife and son. When he. I like this book because it was about mystery and adventures and I really like I chose this photo cause it reminds me the the Craigen Castle. Craigen Castle Mystery by Rod Smith, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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If no one knows, then suggest where they may be able to find the mysteey. Discuss why the passive is used: We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Craigen Castle Mystery

List 1 the to a and in you that of it not for I is an Meg is in the bed. These pages can be downloaded and printed out More information. Allow the participant More information.

Actually it’s really easy to make – just the past simple of. You may need to use a dictionary. They can look at Chapter 2 if they need to.

Quick and Myster Grammar Review: How do you know? At the moment he. Draw their attention to the instructions and make sure they understand them. Als sie die Burg verlassen wollen, stellen sie fest, dass sie auf ihr gefangen sind. They grow oats and potatoes.

The people have sheep and cattle.

If the word can be found in both kinds of story, then write it on the middle list. Ask your students to discuss these in pairs. B Working with Language 1 a he thinks she is going mad. How myztery would you like to pay per night?


Mark the first place you see them with a 1, the second place with a 2, etc. People can collect shellfish from the sand for food when the tide is out. You can t read a sentence or a paragraph without knowing at least the most common. No part of this work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise without the prior permission in writing of the copyright holders.

You may want to read the Epilogue in class to round off the story.

Ask a question about this product. Other information ARISAIG ARMS 22 Arisaig Road and Waterside, Onach 3 mins on foot from station 25 rooms, 20 with bath, all twin doubles 15 with sea view, 10 with mountain view Breakfast room, reserved parking on street, 35 per night per room for Bed and Breakfast No other meals Tourist information centre in the building, fishing and hunting permits available Chapter 4 The Fountain Courtyard 1 Joan.

That spring, the sun shone every day. Chapter 7 Verb Usage 7. Fry Phrases Set 1.

Craigen castle mystery – Rod Smith – Google Books

Some or all of the following will probably arise: While they are working, draw the tables from the worksheet on the board. We can put either one first and it doesn t change the meaning. Alan tells Ed about the castel Joan agrees to go on holiday in Onach They arrive in Onach Ed tells Joan about the first courtyard Ed tells Joan about the second courtyard Ed tells Joan about the third mysteyr They find the gate is locked Joan does not want to go with Ed to the courtyards They go up the steps to the courtyards hopeful more hopeful very hopeful 5.


There are ten mistakes in this account. Below are some ideas which you may find useful More information. How and when did he get his equipment to the castle? Any infraction of the rights mentioned would be considered a violation of the intellectual property Article of the Penal Code.

Is there anything strange or unusual in the picture? They can illustrate each fact with drawings or photographs. The end product will probably look something like this. What s the weather like? A B In which of the photos can you see these things? There mysttery all types of people that you More information.

You and I What will they do? I looked at my More information. Here is a plan of the castle taken from the guide book. Mary was born in and was one of. Ask your students what they would do now in Ed s place. Your students are going to research and present information on the tides of the sea.

If I tell you why, you will not believe me. The features are listed in the Background Information on the previous page. River mouths where the incoming tide causes whirlpools when it meets the river water coming the other way.