Reference Manual. INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Alesis ADAT- XT Digital Multitrack Tape Recorder. To take full advantage of the XT’s functions, . User manual for the device Alesis ADAT-XT. Online user manual database. musical instrument, dj equipment manuals, user guides, spec sheets. Alesis ADAT-XT Recording Equipment User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4.

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Auto recording stops and startsrecording automatically at predetermined times. At this time the unit will adjust the brake tension automatically. They indicate that theparameter for which they are named has been selected or turned on. We cannot overemphasize the importance of this. Troubleshooting Contact your local Alesis dealer for warranty assistance.

These are compatible with lowimpedance, unbalanced, dBV outputs typical of equipment such as mixers,synthesizers, samplers, direct boxes, etc. In fact, you can zt up to 4 tracks at a time using the Track Copy feature.

Alesis ADAT-XT user manual – – Solve your problem

Page 63 both balanced and unbalanced. Get familiar with them by using them while watching the TIME counter. The XT provides eight dBV analog outputs mannual phono connectors.


Please retain this container in the highly unlikelyevent that you need to return the XT for servicing. Basic Editing Chapter 4: When recording, pressing [STOP] will exit record mode and stop thetransport. Generally, Absolute Time and Relative Time will differ in their values. Pin out letters are referenced to the alphabetical designation on a standard pinELCO connector.

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Tape is not formatted. To set the Crossfade Time: Advantagesinclude higher speed and the ability to carry multiple chanels of information over asingle, thin cable.

adag Applications If your sequencer generates MMC commands, you should be able to put your sequencer into play and have the XT follow along. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Autolocation Controls Chapter 4: When in Edit Mode, this icon indicates that you are editing a tracks delayamount, which will appear in the TIME counter. If you are already familiar with multitrackrecording concepts, you may not need to read this chapter.

Do notoperate the unit. When in Edit Mode, this icon indicates that you are editing a tracks delay amount, which will appear in the TIME counter. Tell us about it.



See pages 7—9 adwt more information. These determine whatsignals will be recorded on the XT. Crossfading always begins at the punch point and continues for the amount of time you have specified. Basic OperationsBe sure the tape is completely rewound.

Page 52 Chapter 4: Eight tracks allow for recording audience sounds, ambience, and individual soloistsas well as a stereo mix of the PA. There are three main ways to protectagainst this, listed in ascending order of cost and complexity: Whenturning the XT on or off, be sure to keep monitor levels low. Aadt or Fantastik. Page 44 Chapter 4: In a mixer, a bus is usually a wire that is or can be made common daat the outputs of any or all channels in the mixer.


Continuous, Momentary and Off. The XT provides eight dBV analog outputs via phono connectors. Page 30 Chapter 3: